Rip Tugger

Salty Dog Canvas
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Flyball tested: Four fake fur strands each triple stitched to webbing and tightly woven into a thick, round braid and long enough to drag on the ground as you runBottom end is stitched, not knotted, so it won't unravel. Our GRIP ULTRA bungee inserted in the webbing has three times the resistance than standard bungee giving you the maximum shock absorption and coupled with the slight “give” of the fur makes Rip a sheer pleasure to tug with when working with powerful tuggers. Large 7" (18cm) handle. Measures 47” (1.9m); stretches to 53” (1.35m). Rip offers the maximum “grab” area of all our tug toys so dogs have less of a chance of biting the webbing section. Washable, cold water, hang to dry. Available in a wide range of colors.