SDC Wash Bag

Salty Dog Canvas

Polyester mesh bag offers an effective and simple way to machine wash your dog's tug toys.Tug toys get very smelly and crusty, and periodic washing is an essential part of good health for your dog. We've always placed toys in a pillowcase that is tied with a string. But pillowcase fabric is not porous and traps the fur and dirt so while the toys come out smelling clean, they are still dirty. Our Salty Dog Canvas Wash Bag is made of 100% polyester mesh with a rugged drawstring for easy opening and closing and holds 12 or more toys. (See clothesline photo - that was a full bag!)  Measures 16" (41cm) long, 13" (33cm) wide.
To wash toys, simply:
Fill bag with toys.
Pull the drawstring tight and tie a slip knot.
Place bag in washing machine, add detergent. We also add a detergent booster, such as Oxyclean or Borax. 
Run machine on cold water, gentle cycle.
Hang up toys and Wash Bag to air dry.

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Doubles as a Toy organizer
Written by Pat D. (Midland, MI) on 2017 Jan 16th

I love your Wash Bag. I'm now putting all my Salty Dog toys in the mesh bag, then putting that in a larger duffle bag that I take to class. This way they are all together and don’t get lost in the duffle bag and as a bonus they dry out in the mesh bag if they're a little damp from Kiah’s slobber.