Thunder Competition Gen III Tunnel Bags

Salty Dog Canvas
Tunnel Diameter Required
Strap options Required
Water Bladder (2 per set) Required
Agility ring floor Required
Bulk Pricing
  • Buy 2 - 15 and get 15% off

Our next generation of competition tunnel bags are easy to fill, perform well and resolve most tunnel bag issues.  

  • Strong and durable: UV-resistant, 18oz coated vinyl (PVC) sewn with SunGuard double-bonded UV-resistant thread.
  • Standard Sizing: Fits 24" diameter; 26" optional. 
  • Tunnel Support: Ultra-wide strap spans more than 3 wire ribs on a 4" pitch tunnel; 2 wire ribs on a 6" pitch tunnel.  
  • Wide Footprint: Bottom that makes contact with ground measures 17" x 7" (43cm x 18cm). 
  • Heavy-duty top opening: Made-in-USA YKK Delrin zipper does not support rot or mildew, is UV coated and self lubricating so it operates smoothly despite sand, mud or other grit.
  • Padded handles: Heavy-duty foam-padded handle (see photo) offers a comfortable handhold when lifting and carrying. 
  • Easy to move and reset: Grab the handles, pick up the bags (bend your knees!), hold them so the strap is over the tunnel end and lower the bags — the weight of the bags automatically secure the tunnel in the correct position.
  • Optional Two-Piece Strap: The same wide width as the one-piece strap is Velcro fastened. Straps are color coordinated so all same side Velcro is sewn onto one yellow strap making it easier for ring crew to locate a matching pair. Matching strap is blue and has a grab handle to facilitate lifting and fastening, especially when placed in the tunnel center. 
  • Optional Water Bladder Insert: 5.28 gallon (20 litre) food-grade bladders with screw-off cap. Two bladders per set ordered. Just unzip, unscrew the cap and fill the bladder with water to the desired weight. First time users, please watch our filling instruction video. Bag weighs 28lb (13.6 kg) full of water or as heavy as one can carry when filled with sand or pea gravel. Bladders are also sold separately
  • Custom colors:  Blue bags, yellow ends and yellow straps are stock bags. Custom colors available on 10 or more sets at no charge. Refer to swatch photo. 

Sold as a set: two blue bags and connected with a yellow strap. One set holds one tunnel end.  Note: for artificial turf and hard packed sand we recommend our McWedge Pro Turf Tunnel bags

Product Reviews

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Thunder Competition Gen III Bags are The Best
Written by Tilly Anger on 2017 Mar 18th

Thoughtfully designed, beautifully made, the wide zipper openings make these tunnel bags easy to fill. Due to their shape, with a wide foot print and wide straps, TC Gen III bags stay in position next to the tunnel; allowing big dogs to power through tunnels with very little movement. The blue bags with yellow ends and straps look spectacular on my blue mats. I've ordered several sets and could not be more pleased. Thank you Salty Dog for a high quality, top notch product. These bags deserve 10 stars and applause.

Tunnel Bags
Written by Sandy A Kucaba on 2017 Feb 13th

Love these bags but very disappointed that the water bladders are not available. Salty Dog Canvas: we're hoping to again offer the water bladders. Stay tuned!

Best Tunnel Bag Yet!
Written by Karen W. (Wiarton) on 2017 Jan 13th

My Border Collie, Crosby, comes from champion flyball lines, and when he hits a tunnel at full speed, it moves a lot. He is often knocking the old style bags over, which can obviously be dangerous. Well, after several training sessions with our new Black Thunder tunnel bags, the tunnel has not moved and no bags have been displaced! I am more than thrilled with this product!

Bags are AWESOME
Written by Cindy B. (Dogs on Campus) on 2017 Jan 13th

Used bags at our trial on the weekend. Love, love, love! So easy to move around and held the tunnels great.

10 out of 10
Written by Agility Ability (Norfolk, UK) on 2017 Jan 13th

At our trial we had 650 dogs passing though the tunnels, both big and little dogs, and no movement of bags and we run on mats. These bags get a 10 out of 10 from us.

Love em!
Written by Animotion Agility (Duncan, BC) on 2017 Jan 13th

These bags work much better on my mats than the typical tunnel bags.

Thanks for a Great Product!
Written by Greg & Lin B. (Agility Ability, Sparks, NV ) on 2017 Jan 13th

We’ve been producing and competing in agility trials for 23 years and these are simply the best tunnel holders we’ve ever used. They are easy to fill and empty, and are sturdy and low profile. We love the fact that the bands connecting the bags are wide enough to cover several tunnel rings. Someone definitely put some thought into this design.

Best bags ever!
Written by Tilly A (Sanford, MI) on 2017 Jan 12th

I adore the quality, colors, material and ease of filling the water bladder. I conveniently filled the bags at my kitchen sink. Hooray, no messy sand. My only regret is I did not find these sooner before I purchased so many traditional bags. These bags are amazing and wonderful.

Bladder and two piece straps - a bonus!
Written by Lori S. (Carbondale, IL) on 2017 Jan 12th

I finally decided to purchase real tunnel bags. I wanted bags that could be filled with water. They were easy to fill at the kitchen sink. I purchased the ones with the two-piece Velcro strap as I did not want to carry 40 to 50 pound bags. The handles make it easy to pick up and carry. They seem very well made.

Can't wait to get more
Written by Rebecca H. (Salmon, Idaho ) on 2017 Jan 12th

Extremely well made, easy to fill, carry, attach and adjust. Sturdy material and professional stitching. Love the colors. These bags will last for years. And, to top it off, the Salty Dog Customer Service is outstanding!

Highly recommend
Written by Sharon D., K9 Klubhouse on 2017 Jan 3rd

Your Thunder bags are awesome. They hug the tunnel so well that we didn't have to adjust the tunnel ends the entire two-day trial.