McWedge Pro Turf Tunnel Bags

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  • Designed for artificial turf, these bags cradle the tunnel, have a studded bottom to eliminate movement and ultra wide strap.
  • Custom vinyl colors are available at no charge on orders of 10 or more sets.
  • Our best performing bag when used on sand.
  • Rubber “feet” with studs sewn on the bag bottom offers resistance against the turf (or sand).
  • You'll appreciate our foam-padded handles when carrying heavy bags.
  • Custom YKK lubricated zipper is UV coated.
  • Optional color-coordinated two-piece straps makes it easy to find the corresponding side.
  • Straps are fastened with 10" (25cm) of outdoor rated Velcro.
  • McWedge Pro Turf Tunnel Bags
  • McWedge Pro Turf Tunnel Bags
  • "50 lb of Kelpie blasting through without moving them is pure perfection in my mind!" Leslie L., Halifax, NS
  • McWedge Pro Turf Tunnel Bags


Working with the team at McCann Professional Dog Trainers we developed McWedge, tunnel bags designed specifically for artificial turf (also perform best on sand). These low-profile, triangular shaped tunnel bags have rubber studded feet on the bag bottom that grip the turf and ultra wide one-piece strap or optional 2-piece color-coordinated strap.

  • Strong and durable: UV-resistant, 18oz coated vinyl (PVC) sewn with SunGuard double-bonded UV-resistant thread.
  • Studded bottom: Rubber “feet” with studs (see photo) are sewn on the bag bottom. This offers resistance against the turf (or sand).
  • Standard Sizing: Fits 24" diameter; 26" is optional. 
  • Tunnel Support: Ultra-wide strap spans more than 3 wire ribs on a 4" pitch tunnel; 2 wire ribs on a 6" pitch tunnel.  
  • Wide Footprint: Bottom that makes contact with flooring measures 17" x 10-1/2". 
  • Heavy-duty top opening: Made-in-USA YKK Delrin zipper does not support rot or mildew, is UV coated and self lubricating so it operates smoothly despite sand, mud or other grit.
  • Padded handles: Heavy-duty foam-padded handle (see photo) offers a comfortable handhold when lifting and carrying. 
  • Easy to move and reset: Grab the handles, pick up the bags (bend your knees!), hold them so the strap is over the tunnel end and lower the bags — the weight of the bags automatically secure the tunnel in the correct position.
  • Optional Two-Piece Strap: The same wide width as the one-piece strap is Velcro fastened. Straps are color coordinated so all same side Velcro is sewn onto one yellow strap making it easier for ring crew to locate a matching pair. Matching strap is blue and has a grab handle to facilitate lifting and fastening, especially when placed in the tunnel center. 
  • Optional Water Bladder Insert: 5.28 gallon (20 litre) food-grade bladders with screw-off cap. Two bladders per set ordered. Just unzip, remove the bladder, unscrew the cap, fill with water to the desired weight and place in tunnel bag lengthwise. Bag weighs 32lb (14.5 kg) full of water or as heavy as one can carry when filled with sand or pea gravel. First time users, please watch our filling instruction videoBladders are also sold separately
  • Custom colors:  Blue bags, yellow ends and yellow straps are stock bags. Custom colors available on 10 or more sets at no charge. Refer to swatch photo. 

NOTE: when using bladders, we recommend filling with a 1-1/4” (32mm) layer of pea gravel then lay a filled bladder on top. This spreads the weight over the entire bottom footprint of the bag and ensures the feet make contact with the turf.

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1 Review

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    Thumbs up from CAANS

    Posted by Leslie L , Halifax, NS on 2017 Jan 5th

    I probably have the best dog to test your McWedge tunnel bags; 50 lb of Kelpie blasting through without moving them is pure perfection in my mind! I use them outdoors on grass and indoors on turf for the Canine Agility Association of Nova Scotia. Love them!

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