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Stubby Bottle Kruncher

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  • Dog toy water bottle cruncher.
  • Water bottle dog toy holds a small 8oz (237ml) water bottle.
  • Water bottle dog toy made for a small 8oz (237ml) water bottle.



We were asked by a few Duck Toller owners to create a smaller version of our popular Super H Bottle Kruncher. The Stubby holds an 8oz (237ml) water bottle encased in an 8” (20cm) long fake fur pouch made of 1/2" (12mm) thick fake fur with a reinforced backing and lined with a heavy gauge, fiberglass-reinforced, PVC-coated exterior mesh. Pouch bottom is tapered to fit the shape of the inverted bottle (cap end down). For a softer bite area use the bottle without the cap. A continuous length of  1” (25cm) tubular nylon climbing webbing is stitched to both sides of the fur pouch.  Our GRIP ULTRA bungee inserted in the webbing has three times the resistance than standard bungee giving you the maximum shock absorption when working with powerful tuggers. Measures 25” (64cm) long; stretches to 32” (81cm). Large 7" (18cm) handle. Machine washable, cold water, hang to dry. Small (10-12oz) water bottle not included. For added sound effects, place some raw popcorn kernels in the water bottle and watch the fun begin! Salty Dog toys are designed only for interactive play with your dog. Supervise your dog at all times. They are not designed for chewing. 

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