Custom Carriers

Made of the same “bullet-proof” polyester fabric and construction details as our K9 Crate Carrier and Stow n' Go X-Pen Carrier, we custom manufacturer carriers for any bulky items that you need to carry. For Earl in Hawaii, we made grooming table carrier, some with Velcro fastened tops and some with zippered tops so he could transport them on airplanes. For Elizabeth in Langton, ON, we made a carrier to replace the torn bag for her collapsible Petmates crate. For Cindy in Orangevale, CA, we made two crate carriers with zippers to take on her flight to the 2019 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. For Judy in Pickering, ON, we made a carrier to replace the plastic one that came with her folding mat. For Debra in Barrie, ON, we made a carrier for her massage table along with pockets to hold extension cords, a massage pillow and controller. The possibilities are endless. Contact us with your specifications.  

debras-bag2.jpg    judyscarrier2.jpg   custom-carrier.jpg

 zipper-carrier.jpg carriervelcro.jpg