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Martingale 3-in-1 Tug Leash

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  • Martingale agility tug leash.
  • Martingale collar slips over dog's neck then slide down stopper to lock.
  • Martingale tug dog leash.
  • Tangle-free martingale collar is best for long haired dogs.
  • Martingale agility tug leash with custom embroidery.
  • Martingale agility tug leashes with custom embroidery.
  • Martingale agility tug leash with custom embroidery and custom fur color.
  • Martingale agility tug leash with custom embroidery.
  • Martingale 3-in-1 Tug Leash
  • Optional embroidery on dog tug leash with martingale collar.
  • Martingale 3-in-1 Tug Leash
  • Martingale 3-in-1 Tug Leash
  • Custom colors and embroidery on martingale dog leash.
  • Martingale 3-in-1 Tug Leash
  • Martingale 3-in-1 Tug Leash
  • SDC Wash Bags holds about 12 tug toys.


A martingale-style collar, a fur tug and a bungee shock absorber — all in our best-selling agility and flyball tug leash. The martingale collar prevents your dog from escaping by tightening up if the dog tries to back out. They are especially beneficial for dogs with long fur or with heads smaller than their necks.  A 24” (61cm) piece of thick, soft plush fur offers a bite area between the handle and the collar. Fur is triple stitched to 1” (25mm) soft-touch tubular nylon climbing webbing. Our GRIP ULTRA bungee inserted in the webbing has three times the resistance than standard bungee giving you the maximum shock absorption to save your shoulder and back when walking with a "puller" or when playing tug. Collar is made of the same tubular nylon webbing and fastens to the leash with acetal buckles. A sliding plastic 'stopper" makes it quick and easy to remove the collar or secure it after sliding over your dog’s head. Scroll down for collar measuring instructions. Leash measures 60” (1.52m) long; stretches 72" (1.8cm). Oversize 7” (18cm) handle. Machine washable, cold water. For custom colors refer to our Fake Fur Color Card.

Optional Embroidered lettering on collar. Maximum 10 characters. CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY (webbing is too narrow for Upper/Lower case).

Measuring your Dog's Neck: To choose a collar size, measure around the thickest part of your dog’s neck behind the ears - a fabric tape measure or a string works best - or measure your dog's current collar from end to end (closed). Then select the martingale collar with the proper range of adjustment. NOTE: A properly fitted martingale collar should be comfortably loose when there is no tension on the leash. When a dog pulls, the martingale collar will tighten to the dog's actual neck with buckles either touching or slightly apart.


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10 Reviews

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    Martindale 3-in-1 tug leash

    Posted by KAREN TOMLINSON on 2022 Feb 11th

    my dog loves his new leash. I love the workmanship and colours. The staff are very helpful if you have any questions

  • 5
    excellent product!

    Posted by Terry on 2021 Oct 11th

    The tug leash is just what I needed for my high energy Border Collie agility dog, the leash keeps him occupied while waiting to get into the ring & prevents him from running out of the ring when finished with his run, he wants to play tug, when previously he would run out of the ring.....excellent product!

  • 4
    love this leash

    Posted by sue HAGGITH on 2020 Nov 11th

    The bunge gives just the right amount of flex and the slip collar is easy to get on and off. I find it does not twist as much as other leashes. Would have liked more options on colour...

  • 5
    Awesome for Agility Trials!

    Posted by Sheri Willis on 2018 Jul 10th

    I'm always a little nervous that my dog won't come to me at the end of an agility trial run so that I can get her collar / leash back on her. This leash looks like a tug toy to her so it relieves some of the stress of trying to catch my 'wild' dog. :)

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    Martingale 3-In-1 Tug Leash

    Posted by Scott on 2018 Mar 1st

    Encountered a couple of glitches with the website order process. Notified Salty Dog and they were fixed (and I was advised of the fix) within 24-hours. Very happy with the leash too. Custom color combination that is very well constructed. Looking forward to using it. Already planning another order for some crate cases.

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    Perfect for a Sheltie

    Posted by Elizabeth Becky on 2018 Feb 20th

    This is a super leash for a sheltie. The shiny smooth collar comes off/on easily through the thick ruff. The martingale assures that the sheltie does not pull off the collar/leash.

  • 5
    Makes a great gift

    Posted by Tina (Phoenix, NY) on 2017 Jan 17th

    Thank you for the AWESOME leash that I purchased for my dog Trendie. Everyone in my agility class LOVED the leash and I’d like to order another for a friend.

  • 5
    Love these leashes

    Posted by Rachel B. (Switzerland) on 2017 Jan 17th

    One of my dogs is a bit reluctant tugging on leash and thanks to these leashes we're getting over that point.

  • 5
    Got Tug

    Posted by Lindsey L. (Ontario) on 2017 Jan 17th

    Received our new Salty Dog Canvas tug leash today and we got Moxie to not only touch a toy but tug with the leash. Milestone!

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    Loudon's Martingale 3-1 Tug Leash

    Posted by Tina P. (Victor, NY) on 2017 Jan 17th

    Loudon who loves to grab his leash and tug at the end of his runs. It has been his primary agility show leash ever since. By far this has been the toughest leash we have owned and it has Loudon's stamp of approval.

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