Super H Bottle Kruncher

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  • Water bottle dog toy.
  • Durable water bottle dog kruncher toy with reinforced mesh.
  • Durable water bottle dog tug toy has reinforced mesh.
  • Sample construction.
  • If your dog tends to grab the webbing and not the fur consider our Super H with Guard. 


Product testing by the Rocket Relay flyball team. The favorite of flyball competitors, our high-action water bottle Kruncher is built to survive the hard-hitting tuggers. Made of 1/2" (12mm) thick fake fur and lined with a tightly woven, heavy gauge PVC-coated exterior mesh. The pouch portion measures 11” (28cm) long and fits a16oz (500ml) bottle (thicker soda bottles are best). A continuous length of  1” (25cm) soft-touch, tubular nylon climbing webbing is double-stitched to both sides of the fur pouch. Our GRIP ULTRA bungee inserted in the webbing has three times the resistance than standard bungee giving you the maximum shock absorption when working with powerful tuggers. If your dog tends to grab the webbing and not the fur (see photo), consider our Super H w/GuardMeasures 28” (71cm) long; stretches to 36” (91cm). Large 7" (18cm) handle. Machine washable, cold water, hang to dry. For added sound effects, place some raw popcorn kernels (unpopped) in the water bottle and watch the fun begin!  



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9 Reviews

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    Perfect for bottle crusher dogs

    Posted by Nicole on 2021 Apr 16th

    Perfect for a dog who loves the sound of crushed bottles and who loves to crush plastic bottle. You get a two for one on this one.... Tug and crush at the same time.

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    VERY sturdy tug

    Posted by Dominique on 2020 Dec 7th

    I got this tug for my Rottweiler/bully mix because she has a very strong grip and loves to thrash her tugs. Conventional squeakers don't last very long, but apparently a crinkling bottle is a fine substitute in her book. The tug itself is very large, thick, and well made. I can tell it's going to stand up to a lot of abuse. It's a bit too big and tough for my border collie puppy, but she may grow into it once she's got all of her adult teeth.

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    Flyball approved

    Posted by Shelby on 2019 Sep 16th

    I got this for my flyball dog, she's a big fan! It is quite durable and she hasn't worn it out yet. It's comfortable to hold and easy to tug with.

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    The BEST Super Bottle Kruncher EVER

    Posted by Rachel Campbell on 2019 May 22nd

    This is undoubtedly the best tug I've ever used for my dog. Even though I was amazed at the feel and obvious quality upon first receiving this product, I wanted to wait a bit and really get a feel for its durability before writing a review. Let me make one thing clear- my dog is a destroyer of tugs. She rips a handful of holes in them in the first flyball practice or tournament they are used. It's honestly been incredibly frustrating. Salty Dog Canvas came heavily recommended by a fellow competitor who has a dog who also likes to shred. This Super Bottle Kruncher tug has lasted 2 tournaments and 4 practices with no visible structural damage. No holes, no tears, no missing fur. I am beyond impressed. The short fur also makes wiping copious amounts of saliva off very easy. The strength of the bungie is amazing too! This tug has really helped save my arm from my hard tugger. She likes to come back from her flyball run and swing herself on the tug.The length of the bungie is fantastic and the loop for the handle is a great size. The nylon is non-abrasive and is stitched very well in all attachment points. The body of the tug is not too small, not too large. It's wide and long enough to provide a great gripping surface area, but also not too large and bulky. We LOVE this tug! Thank you! (For reference, my dog is a 53lb unknown mix with a slightly terrifying amount of jaw strength)

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    The Perfect Toy

    Posted by Sandy on 2018 Dec 10th

    This toy has saved my hands from puncture wounds. Finally a toy that is rugged, washes well, and my dog loves to target the part he's supposed to target and not my hand like with other toys...he likes the crunch of the water bottle and so he will grab for that and it's heavy enough for him to latch onto instead of it floating away when he goes to grab it. The bungee handle and the length is perfect. Ordering another to make sure I always have one on hand at all times.

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    Special order custom tug

    Posted by Bonnie on 2018 May 31st

    The customer service is as EXCELLENT as the products!!!

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    Two Paws Up!

    Posted by Shelly P (Kernersville, NC) on 2017 Jan 16th

    Want to shout out to Salty Dog with its wonderfully designed bottle tug. This tug held up ALL weekend for flyball, a new record for Tesla aka the destroyer. She also had a 4.0, while normally she runs 4.1s.

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    Got Tug, Got Speed!

    Posted by Stacy S. (USA) on 2017 Jan 16th

    I gave a friend my Super H tug because her dog went wild for it at a seminar. She was at a flyball tournament and her dog went from an average 5.5 seconds to an average of 5 with a personal best of 4.8, seriously all because of the tug.

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    Great product!

    Posted by Mandie B. (Bondsville, MA) on 2017 Jan 16th

    Our trainer recommended this tug toy for our 13-week-old Rhodesian Ridgeback. He loves this toy and it is the only toy he hasn't destroyed. It is a quality product!

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