Therapy coat sizing chart

To measure your dog, use a cloth measuring tape or string then measure the string. You want the tape or string snug but not tight.  

Back: Measure from the front edge of the collar to the base of the tail while your dog is standing. Add 2” (5cm) to this measurement. Select the Wrap size based on the back measurement.

Neck: Measure around the thickest part of your dog’s neck behind the ears or measure your dog's collar from end to end with buckle fastened.

Belly: Measure the widest girth behind the front legs.

Size Back  Neck  Belly Gel Packs
Mini 12"-14"  8"-10" 14"-16" 2
XSmall 14"-16"  10"-12" 16"-19" 3
Small 16”-19”  13”-15” 20”-26” 3
Medium 20”-23" 15”-18” 26”-32” 4
Large 24”-27” 18”-20” 31”-37”


XLarge 28”-31” 20”-22” 33”-39”