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Buffalo Oopsie

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  • Real buffalo fur dog tug toy with cage ball.
  • Buffalo fur dog tug toy with cage ball.


A real buffalo fur version of our popular Oopsie rabbit tug is made of organic Buffalo fur. Buffalo are raised for organic meat and are free of antibiotics, vaccines, chemicals or growth hormones and tanned with a non-toxic, all-natural plant process. We wrap 7” (18cm) of buffalo fur around 1” (25mm) soft-touch red tubular nylon climbing webbing and triple stitch it together. It's crowned with a 3" (7.6cm) cage rubber ball weighing just 1.5oz/42g. Our GRIP ULTRA bungee inserted in the webbing has three times the resistance than standard bungee giving you the maximum shock absorption. Measures 22” (56cm) long; stretches to 27” (68cm). Oversize 7” (18cm) handle. Cold water wash, hang to dry. Orange webbing, yellow cage ball. Salty Dog toys are designed only for interactive play with your dog. Supervise your dog at all times. They are not designed for chewing.

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