Real Fur Sample 3 Pak

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Terriers generally like rabbit fur, herding breeds often like sheepskin (we use non-toxic sheep shearling), sporting breeds sometimes fancy buffalo fur but when you're not sure what fur your dog might like try our real fur Sample Pak. You get one each of our non-toxic rabbit fur, non-toxic sheep shearling and organic, non-toxic Canadian buffalo. Fur measures 4" (10cm) in length; handle is 6" (15cm). Perfect size to carry for anytime play time! Includes a 10% off coupon on your next order. Machine wash hang to dry. Salty Dog toys are designed only for interactive play with your dog. Supervise your dog at all times. They are not designed for chewing. 


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12 Reviews

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    Real Fur Sample Pak

    Posted by Tish Webb on 2021 Jul 16th

    Love these!! It allowed my to experiment with my reluctant tugger to see which texture she likes best. Answer is - 1) buffalo 2) bunny 3) sheep :) Quality, durable product.

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    Sample Pak

    Posted by Unknown on 2021 Jun 25th

    It was a great idea to get the sample pak to see what fur my dog likes best. Because she is a border collie mix I thought she would like the sheep one but she prefers the buffalo and the rabbit! Good to know and I will be placing an order for a full size toy in the future :)

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    Awesome concept!

    Posted by Alexandra Begin on 2020 Nov 20th

    This is an excellent way to figure out what kind of fur your dog is most into. I bought this with the Connect-a-Tug to really test out which material my dog Jolene preferred.

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    This is the best ever purchase

    Posted by Debby DaCosta on 2020 Nov 18th

    The dogs just love it! This is an awesome toy that you can easily keep in your hand to easily reward the dog and I can’t stress enough how much the dogs love this. Great agility training toys!

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    Real fur sample pack

    Posted by Linda Lombardi on 2020 Nov 17th

    Bought these to encourage more play from my older dog. So far she likes the sheepskin. Have not tried the other two yet. I would recommend these if you do not know which fur your dog will like.

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    Great quality and quick delivery

    Posted by Caitlin Hart on 2020 Nov 3rd

    We've been so pleased with this sample pack. The quality of the work is great and it's an awesome way to test out different furs with our dog and see what she likes best. Currently we use two for reward play and have one tied to a flirt pole.

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    Great fur sample pak!

    Posted by Kathleen Abrell on 2020 Oct 20th

    These are great to use for obedience! I keep one in my pocket to switch off as a reward, alternating with treats. Having the three keeps me from having to wash one all the time, plus keeps her interest up. The real fur seems to bring up some kind of instinctive "thrill" artificial materials just don't inspire. I'll never be without them in the future!

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    Worth every penny

    Posted by Sandi S. on 2020 Jun 2nd

    This sample pack was a great purchase, as my Staffordshire bull terrier can be a bit picky with what toys she plays with, and this product allowed me to test which toy she would prefer. The size of the sample tugs are still a good toy for my 27lb Staffy to play with, and have been very durable. We love them!

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    We love our tugs!

    Posted by Ciara Spurling on 2020 May 10th

    Cillian is just a puppy and is learning to play - this sample pack has been the perfect introduction for him! He will choose his rabbit tug out of any of the other toys we play with, and is so enthused to tug with it! He's also fond of the buffalo tug. He's not so into the sheep tug, but I bet it'll still prove useful in the future. Thank you so much for your quality products and quick shipping. We will definitely be reordering when we size up :)

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    Wow I am impressed!!

    Posted by Rachel Godfrey on 2020 Apr 15th

    I stumbled on this brand when searching for fur tugs. I have a new Italian Greyhound into tug that needed some quality products. I wasn't sure what to buy and then found the sample pack. It is PERFECT!! She has fallen in love with the Buffalo the most. We'll definitely be ordering some other things for her now that we know her favourite fur. But also, these small ones are awesome for her little dog size as a regular use tug. They'll also fit on the flirt pole well. I'm very impressed with the quality and can't wait to order more! I see they also sell custom items and I have some fun ideas for another dog of mine that I hope to commission with our next order.

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    Would highly recommend them!

    Posted by Linda M. on 2020 Apr 15th

    I got these to try out for training tugs as they are small and easily hidden in the hand. Was hoping that my guy would have a favorite fur, so I could get him another new one in the spring. He however goes equally insane for ALL of them. As long as it was live fur he goes crazy. I am sure we will be getting another batch of these when he goes through them. He is small enough that he uses them as tugs, and they are very strong.

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    Highly recommend buying these.

    Posted by Fusion Training Department on 2019 Nov 20th

    Even though these are very economical- they are just as sturdy and well-made as everything else we've purchased from Salty Dog Canvas. It's been a great way to see if our dogs have a preference for a specific type of fur before investing in a more expensive real-fur tug.

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