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Bunny Mouse

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  • Real fur rabbit dog toy for small dogs or puppies or cats.
  • Real fur rabbit dog toy with squeaker for puppies, small dogs and cats.
  • Bunny Mouse
  • Logic, 10-week old Border Collie puppy, playing with the Bunny Mouse.


Has a squeaker that squeaks even when punctured! Non-toxic real rabbit fur with a heavy duty squeaker buried inside, this toy is pawsitively irresistible to young puppies, toy and mini dogs and is the perfect toy for obedience or confirmation training of all dogs. THIS IS NOT A TUG TOY! Created for Mindy and her Italian Greyhound puppy, it measures 3-3/4” (95mm) in diameter and has a 4” (101mm) tail.   (Our fur comes from Spain from rabbit that is farm raised for meat and is all natural not dyed.)  A "tug" strand made of 1" (25mm) wide elastic by 16" long (6mm by 406mm) is optional. Cold water hand wash, hang to dry. Dogs must be supervised at all times. This toy is not appropriate for chewing.

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8 Reviews

  • 5
    The best toy

    Posted by Rose on 2023 Jul 25th

    Very soft, very squeaky, and very easy to chase!

  • 5
    Excellent product!

    Posted by Michele & Ken Langelier on 2022 Oct 23rd

    Our dogs went crazy for these Bunny Mouse! They are made very durable! Love these!

  • 5
    fluff fur

    Posted by kim Gourley on 2022 May 26th

    this is crack for the terriers.Was stated its not a tug but purchased it any way ...they go nuts for it

  • 5
    An absolute hit

    Posted by Teresa on 2021 Oct 4th

    The Chi's are insane over them. Keeping them 'special', and put away out of reach until the dogs whine/bark at the box, then I let them pick-out their favorite 'bunny', and playtime begins. Great quality & perfect for the smaller breeds

  • 5
    Bunny mouse = calm pup

    Posted by Elizabeth on 2021 Jan 8th

    Our golden retriever puppy, SALTY ( I know, how ironic) absolutely adores real fur toys/items and uses the bunny mouse as a soother. Salty plays so gently with it and uses it like a binky... She has loved every item we've purchased from Saltydog, the quality is outstanding!

  • 5
    excellent for non heavy tuggers

    Posted by Zonya Jacobs on 2020 Dec 1st

    This is a great toy that I got for me sheltie. Problem is keep in mind a fierce, violent tugger will likely destroy this toy after one tug session. I imagine at least. What is great about this toy and what I was looking for was something that sort of wiggled like a live animal to get some prey drive excitement. My Belgian Shepherd loves this and wants to chase it but I would be careful using this on a dog her size. This would be an excellent choice for a dog that isn't sure/confident about tugging and a good intro toy to use I imagine.

  • 5
    Dog loves this

    Posted by Danni on 2020 Apr 15th

    Got a 2yo husky mix from the shelter who's never had a home before so it took some adjusting to have her settle down in ours. Her prey drive was insane and she didn't like to play with toys. Needed something to satisfy her prey drive and this worked! Brought this with the elastic and a large wand off amazon to tie it to. It's become one of her favorite outdoor toys. She's on her best behaviour when this toy comes out. It ripped after a few plays and the squeaker has come out of it but she doesn't seem to mind. We use the bunny tug for indoor play too. Put it in the washing machine in a mesh bag and it's come out just fine. Would definitely buy some more of these. They have been well worth the purchase! Would love if it was sold in a multipack of 3 with different color furs.

  • 5
    Bunny Tease

    Posted by Jaime D on 2018 Mar 9th

    I took the bunny mouse toy to the vet with me and used it to keep my dog entertained in a stressful environment. He loved pulling on it and watching it spring away on its elastic band.

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