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WHILE SUPPLIES LAST - this item is discontinue. Made for watersports, especially dock diving, our popular "hot dog" treat bag throws well, floats and is highly visible on the water. Designed for Morgan at K9 Central to “keep the hot dogs out of the dock diving pool filters,” it's made of heavy-duty 600 denier polyester with a waterproof PVC coating and has a core of 4mm (1/4”) water-impervious closed-cell flotation foam. The inner 100% polyester, easy-to-clean waterproof liner wraps over the top edge and closes with a zipper. Measures 11.5cm (4-1/2”) wide, 20cm (8”) long. Carrying handle of 18cm (5”) long,  25mm (1”) polypropylene webbing. Cold water hand wash, hang to dry. TIP: After each training session, rinse the inner pouch with dishwashing detergent and a little water, rinse clean and invert to dry. The waterproof liner dries overnight so you'll always have a clean-smelling treat bag.


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    K9 Floater

    Posted by Rachel & Kirby on 2023 Jul 11th

    I am so happy to have found this toy! It is so durable and easy to clean. It floats and is a wonderful dock diving toy! My hound Kirby absolutely LOVES when I pull out the K9 Floater!

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    Siberian Retrieving 101

    Posted by Kirby Pearson on 2022 Aug 10th

    Absolutely love this product. It is going to help immensely with convincing my Siberian the fine art of retrieving (specifically in the NADD pool)

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    Great pouch for training dogs!

    Posted by Tina Engel on 2021 Oct 27th

    We love using the pouch to train dogs to swim and help motivation!

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    Use 7 days a week in training

    Posted by Beth Yerrick on 2020 Feb 27th

    We use the K9 Floater 7 days a week at our year around swim facility. It is great for luring patterns, getting reluctant swimmers participating happily, and teaching youngsters to fetch. It is easy to pick up and close the mouth around which means the dogs take in little to no water. It is easy to clean and sanitize.

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    K-9 Floater Pouch

    Posted by Sherry Dickson on 2019 Jul 30th

    It’s definitely helping Pepper to understand the “Fetch” game (both in the yard and in water). Since it’s NOT indestructible, you need to avoid opportunities for them to chew on it.

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    Update for previous review

    Posted by Tina Engel on 2019 Jun 11th

    I would love to give a shout-out to Jan from Salty Dog Canvas! Outstanding customer service and very helpful! 5 stars all the way around! We do love your products and appreciate your excellent support!

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    Floater Bag

    Posted by Tina Engel on 2019 Jun 10th

    My dogs love this bag for dock diving! The only reason I won’t give it 5 stars is the seam on one side is already pulling apart. Otherwise great toy to motivate your dog!

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    My absolute favorite toy.

    Posted by Elle Brunner on 2019 Jun 4th

    I have about 6 of these and don't know what I would do without them. My dog can't get the treats in them by herself but knows the treats are there so she brings it back to me. It is our play/treat toy after each agility run and while we water train. Love that it floats and only opens when I open it up. She loves to put her nose in it and get a treat after I open it.

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    Great motivator when teaching Dock Diving

    Posted by Lori L. (Georgia) on 2017 Jan 16th

    I teach dock diving classes and these Floaters are my best motivators for getting reluctant dogs in the water. I have taken dogs that hate water and can have them jumping off the dock in 3 to 4 lessons using a Floater filled with hotdogs.