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Rabbit Chaser Toy

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  • Chaser dog toy made of non-toxic real rabbit fur.
  • Stick shaped non-toxic real sheepskin fur Chaser dog toy is ideal for puppies, small dogs or very soft tuggers.
  • Tick twister, Easy and safe removal of ticks.


The low-pressure-play real fur Rabbit Chaser Toy is ideal for introducing toy games to puppies who are not sure about playing tug or when playing up close puts too much pressure to engage. Measuring 46” (117cm) long you can get distance between you and your puppy and you won’t need to bend down to play, though it's a good idea to sit on the floor when playing with puppies. Toss out the long handle, bring the puppy in for a few seconds then let the pup pull away. For food motivated dogs who don’t like to tug this toy makes is easier to transition from food to a regular bungee tug toy. The 12” (20cm) bite area is non-toxic real rabbit fur triple stitched to 1" (25mm), soft touch tubular climbing webbing. (Our fur comes from Spain from rabbit that is farm raised for meat and is all natural not dyed.) Cold water machine wash, hang to dry. Salty Dog toys are designed only for interactive play with your dog. Supervise your dog at all times. They are not designed for chewing. 

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12 Reviews

  • 5
    Great stimulation for my dog!

    Posted by Avi on 2023 Jun 28th

    My dog absolutely loved this, in fact, she loved it so much that somehow she was able to sneak it away and eat part of it -- be careful!! Luckily, she passed it alright, but I was concerned. Before that, we had hours of fun together!

  • 5
    My boyfriend chose correctly!

    Posted by Topaz on 2023 Jun 20th

    I decided to get a few rabbit fur toys to increase drive in my beagle and focus in my coonhound mix. After showing him a bunch of options my partner chose this one and oh wow my beagle girl loves it! I use it like a mini flirt pole during breaks at dog training class, and as a impulse control toy at home. (she has to concentrate very hard to not chase it down the hall and hold her stay!) The construction is very durable, the fur is soft and holding up very well despite her tendency to rip things to shreds. (I am only using these toys when I play with my dogs, then I take them away and provide suitable independent options while they go to relax after playing)

  • 5
    great product

    Posted by Nathalie Labelle on 2023 Feb 16th

    Great product. My border terrier loves it

  • 5
    Best Toy Ever

    Posted by Trisha Bui on 2022 Nov 28th

    My dog had recently taken an interest in squirrels/bunnies/rabbits when we go on walks so someone recommended this to me as a way to train him out of chasing the real wildlife. My Great Pyrenees is OBSESSED. He's learned that he's allowed to chase this toy when we're playing and he's been much better about not pulling on me to chase the actual wildlife. He gets so excited when he sees me bring this toy out and it has truly strengthened our bond and made playtime so much more fun. It's held up well to tugging and dries quickly from all his drool/saliva. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Carole Leclerc on 2022 Jul 27th

    Perfect for my little Chi-Terrier mix. I use it only to reward during training... I also have the wee one that I carry with me during walks to get my dog's attention or to reward good behaviour. She loves it.

  • 5
    Fav toy

    Posted by Amelia on 2022 May 15th

    I love this long rabbit tug. Almost long enough to be like a flirt pole. Nice long length - very enticing fur. Definitely a winner!

  • 5
    Love love love!!

    Posted by Melissa on 2022 Feb 12th

    The rabbit fur is basically crack for dogs. Great on its own, or attached to a lunge line for impulse control training! And like every toy we have from Salty Dog, it's very durable!

  • 5
    Great Tug!

    Posted by Monica Peters on 2021 Nov 5th

    My 1.5 and 8 year old both love this tug. The first time I brought this one out, my 8 year old (who doesn't play), went nuts! She started chasing it and throwing it in the air (I think she thought it was a mouse). It made my day!

  • 5

    Posted by Diandra on 2021 Sep 24th

    This toy is durable and great for tug! Would definitely recommend for excitable puppies!

  • 5
    Rabbit Chaser Toy

    Posted by Nadia Gaudet on 2021 Jul 27th

    My puppy absolutely loves this toy and it so far has held up against her strength and teeth. She loves playing with it and gets very excited when I bring it out for us to play with.

  • 5
    Rabbit Chaser Toy

    Posted by Christine Leman on 2021 Jun 2nd

    You will not regret the purchase of any of these toys and this one in particular. Excellent quality. Perfect length and size for our newest BC puppy. Just the best tug toy for cone work in pre-agility class.

  • 5
    Amazing for little tuggers

    Posted by Nicole on 2021 Apr 16th

    My Papillon loves this toy, it gives him a chance to enjoy his type of tug at a distance without being worried I will step on him by mistake :)

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