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Tug Trainer

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  • Mesh treat bag with waterproof liner - Fill mesh treat pouch with soft treats.
  • Mesh treat bag with mesh on one side, fake fur on the other.
  • Mesh treat bag with fake fur on one side, mesh on the other.


Use this treat bag to teach dogs to tug or to motivate reluctant tuggers or for EarthDog training. Fill the pouch with semi-soft treats such as cheese chunks, hot dogs or chicken. The harder the dog "bites" the pouch, the more food squeezes through the mesh and the more the dog is reinforced. Or fill with dried tripe and use for training lead-outs or distance. A Velcro pull-open top gives quick access to treats. Soft-touch 1” (25mm) tubular nylon climbing webbing with a 7” (18cm) handle is stitched to the fur side. Light-duty stretchy bungee inserted in the webbing gets your pup accustomed to the resistance and the soft, plush fake fur on one side makes it easy to transition to an all-fur tug toy. Measures 7” wide by 3” deep (20cm by 7cm). Length: 24” (61cm); stretches to 33” (84cm). A waterproof liner and finished side seams (no exposed seams) makes it easy to keep clean: after each use, clean with dishwashing detergent and rinse with water. Or machine wash, cold water; hang to dry. Not recommended for tough tuggers or large dogs. Salty Dog treat bags are designed only for interactive play with your dog. Supervise your dog at all times. They are not designed for chewing. 

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5 Reviews

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    Did what it needed to do, dog had little interest

    Posted by Danni on 2020 Apr 15th

    Brought this thinking I could get my rescue dog worked up to one of the other tug toys I purchased (which wasn't needed, she absolutely loves her other saltydog tug toys). She's always been a stray and has a high prey drive. She had no interest in this toy, and only showed some once I stopped using food and added a squeaker inside instead. It's a good toy and very well made, but I wouldn't buy it again.

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    Posted by Teddy on 2020 Apr 15th

    These are great tug toys for dogs who are more food than toy motivated. They are a good transition from food to toys.

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    The PERFECT solution

    Posted by Kristy on 2020 Apr 15th

    Our food motivated dog would never play during dog training (instead looking for more treats) and this is the PERFECT solution. She LOVES it! :)

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    Awesome for reluctant Tuggers

    Posted by Christine (Charleston, SC on 2017 Jan 16th

    The tug trainer is great for teaching your dog to tug. My spaniel loves food, but was only moderately interested in toys. Now he is tugging like a maniac in lots of places, including agility class. The mesh lets the dog smell and taste the treats through the pouch, which encourages them to bite down on the toy. I also like the long handle because my dog didn't like it if I was too close to him while playing. Unfortunately, the mesh ripped after a few weeks, but Salty Dog has great customer service and was wonderful about sending us a replacement toy. I definitely recommend this toy for anyone struggling with tugging problems

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    Perfect Tug for those dogs that need a little extra motivation to tug

    Posted by Christine V. (South Carolina) on 2017 Jan 16th

    We have been using this toy for several months and it is still in great condition despite using it almost every day. My dog has become a very strong tugger with this toy.

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