Just the Ticket 3' Leash

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  • Martingale collar on a 36" leash makes the ideal agility ring leash.
  • Martingale collar makes it easy to slip on or off a dog's neck.
  • Short leash easily fits in your hand.
  • Optional embroidery on martingale collar.


Due to the pandemic many agility trials are now hosted without a leash runner and handlers are allowed to carry a leash so Pat asked us to make a short leash. Just the Ticket Leash (Ticket is Pat's dog) is concealed in your hand or stuffed into a pocket. It’s easily slipped over your dog's head to remove and put on after your run. The leash portion measures 36” (91cm) long, the fully adjustable collar comes in 4 sizes and both are made of soft-touch tubular nylon climbing webbing. A sliding plastic 'stopper" makes it quick and easy to secure the collar after sliding over your dog’s head. 

Measuring your Dog: To choose a collar size, measure around the thickest part of your dog’s neck behind the ears - a fabric tape measure or a string works best - or measure your dog's current collar from end to end (closed). Then select the martingale collar with the proper range of adjustment.

NOTE: A properly fitted martingale collar should be comfortably loose when there is no tension on the leash. When a dog pulls, the martingale collar will tighten to the dog's actual neck with buckles either touching or slightly apart. 

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